As a leading Global Capability Center Advisory Company,

We curate transformational business experiences by delivering accelerated growth and expansion from India.

Why Thalaron Global?

We redefine the benchmarks of Global Capability Center (GCC) success by seamlessly blending global expertise with invaluable local insight.
Our commitment is to facilitate an unparalleled experience for our partners, driven by key pillars.

Accelerated Entry

  • Global market expertise for swift
    market entry.
  • Seamless transition facilitated by our
    in-depth understanding.
  • Paving the way for your accelerated
    success in new territories.


  • Maximizing cost-efficiency through
    resource optimization.
  • Tailored solutions ensuring exceptional
    results with fiscal prudence.
  • Balancing quality while optimizing
    resources for financial efficiency.
Thalaron Global
Redefining Success with Global
Expertise and Local Insight

Risk Mitigation

  • Proactive identification and mitigation
    of risks.
  • Safeguarding ventures with meticulous,
    strategic approaches.
  • Shielding operations and investments
    from potential challenges.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Strategically designed solutions covering
    market analysis to operational excellence.
  • Holistic approach ensuring every facet
    aligns with your overarching goals.
  • Tailored comprehensive solutions for a
    seamless and successful venture.

In an ever-evolving global landscape, Thalaron Global stands as your reliable partner,
poised to elevate your business endeavors to new heights.


Tailored strategies,
comprehensive solutions empowering success in
dynamic business landscapes

Redefining Standards Through Unique Offerings

Thalaron Global's GCC Advisory services stands out by exemplifying a fusion of tailored expertise, an experienced team, and a
commitment to your success through a comprehensive suite of solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Customized strategies designed exclusively for your business needs, ensuring precision and relevance in every solution provided.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Seasoned professionals with diverse industry expertise, ensuring a wealth of knowledge to drive successful outcomes.

Global Expertise

Global Expertise

A fusion of worldwide insights and local understanding, enabling strategies finely tuned to each market's specific dynamics.

Swift Entry

Swift Entry

Streamlined processes and strategic alliances facilitating quick market entry, expediting your establishment in new territories.


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1M+ sq ft





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Why India Captive Center

Fastest Growing

India's economy is forecasted to achieve an average 6.3% growth until 2030, making it the fastest-growing economy globally

Robust Infra

With over 90,000 startups and 107 Unicorns, India boasts the world's 3rd largest startup ecosystem

Talent Pool

With a young, highly educated population fluent in English, where 65% are below 35 years, India is transforming into a knowledge-based economy

Low Operation

The availability of the largest pool of skilled and cost-effective labor contributes to India's advantage of low operational costs


Supported by stable governance, a robust policy framework, and an enabling environment, India emerges as the most preferred destination on the global stage

Our Team

Puneet Gupta
An IIT-Roorkee graduate and MBA from AIT-Bangkok, Puneet is a seasoned Entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in business and operations management. He is known for his track record in setting up India Capability Centers, building high-performing teams and driving business growth.
Puneet Gupta
Founder & Managing Partner
Shilpa Pai
An All India Ranker Chartered Accountant with experience in multinational companies, specializing in Portfolio Management and Asset Management Services. As Partner of HI CFO Management Consultants, they provide comprehensive support to companies in the virtual CFO services domain, guiding them from inception to the growth stage
Shilpa Pai
Co-Founder & Partner
Finance & Accounts

Our Advisors

Amlendu Mishra
Amlendu Mishra
Workspace Solutions
Founder & CEO, Urban Vault
Shilpa Pai
Nandan Pai
Audit, Taxation & Compliances
Partner - Borkar & Muzumdar